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Get Empowered with Metropolitan Machine Knitting Correspondence Courses

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Welcome to Metropolitan Correspondence Courses.
where you will find the instruction and support to develop your skills of machine knitting from basic single bed machines to the latest designer knit software

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My Story

I have been a machine knitter since 1976 and hold an NVQ assessor and student mentor qualification

i have lectured at the Metropolitan machine knitting centre becoming a regular tutor

My lectures and courses have been restricted due  to the covid virus so I have  purchased the correspondence course from Carol and Mark at Metropolitan

I have developed and reviewed the courses and intend to add and update through technology whilst maintaining the good name and high standards of Metropolitan

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Course objectives

The objective of these Courses is to give all Machine Knitters a facility for training so that even the isolated Machine Knitter can be helped. The Courses provide guidance for basic skills written in a simple style to meet the needs of all ages and all abilities, enabling Machine Knitters to improve their personal standards. The Courses cover many aspects of Machine Knitting with a view to enabling all Machine Knitters to gain the maximum benefit from their machines. The Knitter is taken carefully through each step with clearly written instructions. The Courses also aim to provide a recognised standard which had not previously existed for Machine Knitters. This will be of particular value to those wishing to teach at Knitting Clubs. The Courses have also been taken up for training Lecturers in Technical College and Employment Resource Centres. The Metropolitan Diplomas are being presented as a standard of Machine Knitting and Associate Knowledge when applying for positions linked with the Craft.

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How it works

Once enrolled Lesson 1 is sent out to the Student, who then works on it and once completed sends into us the required samples. Instructions regarding yarn, tensions, and number of stitches to use etc. are clearly set out. The samples are then marked, corrected and a Grade given. While the work is marked advice is given on the general knitting standard. Correct Lessons are Graded (A, B or C ) and these are sent when the Lesson is fully correct together with the next Lesson. Incorrect samples are returned for re-knitting with the information on the faults and guidance for correcting them. Errors must be corrected and returned to us. Once correct, the Grade is sent plus the next Lesson. In this way the Student works through each sample and gains maximum benefit from the Course.  Additional help is constantly given until the knitted samples are correct. The Courses are marked Lesson by Lesson. No full sets of Lessons can be sent out. On completion of the course the Student will know he or she has reached a certain standard of Machine Knitting that is recognised and can be measured against other Machine Knitters. The Metropolitan Diploma for Machine Knitting, when awarded, will have been really earned and the Student will know that their hard work has been rewarded.

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Course outlines


COURSE 1...…….. Single Bed

COURSE  2 ..…    Ribber Attachment Part A and Part B

COURSE 3 ...... Passap/Pfaff Machines Part A and Part B

COURSE 4 ..… Silver Reed Machines Electronic Patterning

COURSE 5 ..... Brother Machine Electronic Patterning

COURSE 6 … Designaknit 8 and 9

Full descriptions of the content of each Course are contained in the Syllabus . Please do not hesitate to contact us should you need any further help or information

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order a syllabus

Want to hear more about how Metropolitan correspondence courses can lead you through machine knitting your own garments?  Contact me today to get details of the courses offered

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